Why Invest in Yourself?

Now that life is busy – you’ve graduated, landed that first job and are now trying to balance both your career and your personal life – isn’t it time to just sink in and not take on anything new? I feel the answer to this is a resounding “NO!”

Only when we are growing are we truly moving forward. Each of us will take a different path to our career, but the foundation that we start with should have some universal truths.

Think of your living space – without a strong foundation, the whole structure is at risk of damage or collapse.

When you start your new career and you are not supported, you are at risk of professional damage and mental collapse.

This is why investing in yourself at the start of your career is so important. Yes, you just spent thousands of dollars in academia, but the quality of the foundation you build now will set the tone for your entire career.

Everyone in the medical profession is busy from your hospital or clinic administrators to your medical director to the physicians and APP’s that you work with. Feeling like you’re bothering someone or interfering with their ability to finish their own work can keep you from reaching out. Wondering if they might think you don’t know what you’re doing can also make you cautious to ask for help. This is why it is crucial to have support from outside of your medical systems.

From a professional coach to a mentor, you need a confidential and supportive person on your side that will nudge you to take risks, fill your knowledge gaps and learn to enjoy this profession you have worked so hard to be a part of. With the right foundation and support, you will succeed and flourish for years to come. The possibilities are endless!