The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

As the COVID 19 pandemic sweeps repeatedly across the United States, overwhelming the numbers of physicians available to treat, the unsung heroes of COVID 19 stepped up to the plate. Physician Assistants and Advanced Care Nurse Practitioners have responded to the cry for help, working side by side with their medical colleagues through a crisis unseen and unexpected in the US.

Due to the pandemic, some states have responded by expanding the scope of ARNPs to allow them to fully practice autonomous care in this crisis. Several states such as New Jersey, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, New York and Tennessee have waived physician supervision or collaboration requirements due to COVID 19, while other states had already removed this restriction in the setting of emergencies or disasters.

For most of us, this has been a time of heightened awareness of our lack of security in our field. Many of us operate without an employment contract which leads us vulnerable to being furloughed or even terminated. While the lack of a contract has previously allowed more flexibility in changing employment, the lack of job security in a crisis situation is something to consider as we move forward.

The APP Coaching Network wishes to applaud all APP’s for stepping forward into the unknown and giving our all to provide care and compassion for the ill and their families. While we may not hear much about our roles in the media, rest assured your efforts have been felt and greatly appreciated by those whom we provide care to.

Stay safe and stay healthy.