Investing in your provider now will lead to less turn-over and employee dissatisfaction.

Hiring an APP is an investment for your organization. You are seeking talented, compassion, and proficient providers that will have career longevity with your organization. It costs thousands of dollars to recruit, hire, and train a new APP.

Taking on a newly graduated provider is a risk knowing they likely need additional training before they can contribute professionally and financially to your organization. I offer competent, experienced support to ensure that your new employee assimilates both personally and professionally into your hospital or clinic setting.

Better providers lead to increased patient satisfaction and safety.

Contact me today to ensure your APPs have the highest level of competency, compassion, and confidence without putting the strain of mentoring on your busy providers.

Happier employees are healthier  Рleading to less time lost from work. Patients will see the difference in the quality of care they receive from your organization and will be more likely to refer family and friends.

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