I am Valerie Mazziotti, PAC and I am a practicing primary care provider with over 25 years of experience.

I am certified as a certified practitioner for the North American Menopause Society as well as a Health and Life Coach.

During my time as a practicing PA, I have seen numerous newly graduated PAs and ARNPs struggle with the transition from student to provider.

New providers quickly realize the significant training gaps and lack of skill sets that can lead to poor self-confidence and anxiety about your proficiency.

Although your colleagues may be supportive, everyone is busy and ongoing training and support can be limited. Often new providers work for an employer for 1 or 2 years, and then leave the practice seeking “something better’.

I created the APP Coaching Network to ensure that you will feel confident, competent and able to grow and enjoy your new career that you have worked so hard for

APPs ROCK! The APP Coaching Network YouTube Channel

Meet and share with your colleagues without borders.